My research on multi-narrative composition in virtual realms.

My Master's thesis:
"Tonal Composition in Multidimensional Virtual Realms" (Spring 2013)

Paper presented at the 2013 West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis:
Program of abstracts

Poster presented at the 2011 Society for Music Theory conference:
Program of abstracts
"Choose Your Own Cadenza"

A musical tile game I invented.

A photo of the prototype:

Tabletop prototype

Specs, rules and puzzles:
Dyadminoes rules

Music theory papers
I wrote these for school. I don't necessarily vouch for their quality.

Paper presented at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Music Grad Student Conference:
Program of abstracts
"Geometric Note Layouts for Steelpans" (Spring 2012)

University of Washington:
Stockhausen's Formel (Fall 2011)
Sondheim's Pacific Overtures (Spring 2012)
Schoenberg's coalition chess game (Fall 2012)
Scelsi's Fourth String Quartet (Spring 2013)

Hunter College, CUNY:
Bartok's Second Rhapsody (Spring 2009)
Janacek's music theories (Fall 2009)

Other projects, writings, works in progress.

My Master's thesis:
Classical Symphony (Spring 2010)

My thoughts on music in general, indie rock in particular:
Bennett's blog

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