The Bobtail Method for Composing Unique Pop Melodies
complete manuscript 4.1 MB pdf file

Bobtail Yearlings singer and guitarist Bennett Lin reveals a unique songwriting lesson plan based on his personal approach to composition, in which melody and chord progression are written simultaneously and woven together as a single entity to create seamless musical works. Standing by the principle that true creativity must always be a path of self-discovery, Bobtail Method wastes no time on dispiriting mechanical drills, instead drawing upon the student's natural creative energy to push ahead through each lesson.

Using clear language and easy-to-understand diagrams, concepts rooted in music theory are broken down and represented as simple but effective compositional techniques with immediately practical uses. In this manner, the student stays encouraged with personally unique results, while seeds for future musical insight are planted and allowed to develop naturally at their own pace.

Whether providing foundational wisdom for the novice or offering supplemental tips and advice to the seasoned musician, Bobtail Method is an invaluable learning tool for songwriters of all abilities and levels of experience!
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