Vegan Proclamation

"If you're just starting out, you need to decide right now:
either you stick with quality vinyl, or you buy only the bargain bin LPs;
you can't have both. Because a scratched record will chip a good needle...
and a chipped needle will scratch a good record..."

So shall we, Odin, lightly tread
past the rape racks where our furor led,
to a soiled girl fouled on the false rib from our chest?
We baulked at our lives born unfair,
set to rock this pout from horse to chair,
as a tempered hammer cooled by striking the smouldering air...
Well, first pets always bear the worst,
mere primers on how not to hurt,
and now I know why the battered kitten purrs...

"No, I'll smile because I believe in the big crunch,
and meanwhile, the universe is a cyanided box...
Because if we can't ever be known to be dead,
we just might always be alive to God..."

Torn straps unsalvaged sows have chewed,
form a trail which leads to a bloody broom,
its bristles scrape discharge encrusted on leather boots.
Through an alley strewn with burger shrouds,
a lone rallied youth strikes himself from his cloud,
reversing his stomach and his swastikas inside out...
Well, if first cuts are the worst ones bled...
then none by us now, to any flesh!
This shipwrecked world is large enough for us to make amends...
and to be good again...

"So all your leads have left and now you're sad, too?
Someday you'll breathe again; for one, you have to...
I don't know how where once I cowered I now could fly.
I still love you for the airholes, dear; and now, good night."

The stardust marks us, Odin, sparks zip through our heads...
And can we start as children? Would we want to then?
The diapered white dwarf, gurgling, curls up for his sleep...
Our ashed heads bow from chivalry to our Siva's feet...

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