(about "doublespeaker rhyme": line in regular text
and line in italics directly beneath it are sung
simultaneously, each panned hard to one speaker)

Or another...

Atavist stuck feet first,
At a vista, key turned
subversive inner lotus eater,
to first switch in her low two-seater,
an everlasting doublespeaker,
and deaf from blasting frontal speakers,
his beaten wit and id she's deemed her sinking ship,
this phoenix risen limp beneath her pinkish slip,
maybe good for anecdotes.
making scroonched her pantyhose.
As comedy teams work, a hoot the times
His god humming Freebird, the hula guy
not at each other's throats.
nods as she drums her toes.

Trophy bronzed from a Trojan
Though, she ponders the children
for some unforeskinned virgin,
born from a forced conversion
on the shelf, serves his declared assertion:
on a self-servicing cleric surgeon
to remain inherently perfect,
duly may inherit his burdens.
as worn puppet his offscreen person dubs.
This swarm pumped and kissed off, she purges up,
His silent dramedy works better;
despite once promising forever,
twitching sword in care, he's anyone.
which she swore when scarcely twenty-one.

Needle done will not retract,
it hums a typo fragile ex passed through ash...
With his vinyl, exit Miriam to cash his stash.
Undeluded, she'll bask in selfish cut-off jeans,
and in her pool, hears not a worrisome "Bless her, Godspeed..."

The key turned and she floors it,
The seat hurt when he lowered it,
so homeward the sport's escorted,
though no worse but for his soreness,
the cleaved horizon pours the mortar in.
this geezer's life-support's abortive.
Redressed, he gets his notice, short an
He's vegging with his boner shortened;
apology, bold and blunt.
a pop, and she pulls the plug.
Life's a dumb ex-dromedary, hungry carrying
Lights one up then draws a daring puff, preparing
this groovy second hump.
the scoop, he's getting dumped.

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