reverends, paused stiff in tandem.
Heavin' some, Ana whispures a low sigh, bein'
of de exempt, exit us the Viking den...
Walkyriens: to Walhall o' mead-Tussin!
Quouffs uppraissed, this boundless Kalevalley ends.
We ride as Finnugreec tongue Lapps are highmen.

Makeyars mygrate, from among ol' psealed off drains.
Then down the steppes we charged,
Drinkhis Khan, once Toomujin, has slain the teeto-Tartars!
Tomer-layin' the seed, Howie led the feat of avatars...

Indus-trail sewerce, questurns Indo Hairapins:
Forsi ahuro or Sensegreat devas'dayshone?
To soma up, our-youn' invedas unsolft quarry rest...
Ourevian battles spent, a'duct Uighuress.
Are Melee tapirs the dusc-horse yet...?
From the Khlmair city Ingcar Wet, to war: scimitary of'fence!

Pour sod, fourfeit tundr's Siburial plains...
Upridge o' lawn trod on by forc'd nations sank...
But past a cross Bearing Straight,
herows--ourauras left--to Audamn's grave.

And now without a chart,
just the winds and the constellations known by heart,
I'll sail this sea, there is only me and my northern star!

The mistodawn, ha'nt'd by sobre-trooth tiedgirl cries,
sunk in tarpid lies.
In Hollowscene broughtour ancister toughtim rite,
he sees Lowkey and Freyed!
Noworse and Nunavatter collide, Leif as the Red's son arrives.
How old are these mummeries I have left to mine?

Pullar switch, in-som'umiak skims through channels snow blitz'd...
Then pounds arrhythmetic heart,
Enguished buzzereds come unsated find Rumspring is parched.
In mouth Deseret, black Letter-Day Sensed ahead... "Rejoyce!" bellow the

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