All the Peppy Paulinas

No stay-at-home biddy knitting yarn,
slide rules and sextants fill her arms.
Tomorrow's feminine charms,
and today, a Paulina girl!

Her tresses crown a candid face,
perfection frowns on addled haste.
Sketching by sight, not trace
is what makes a Paulina girl!

Springtime for maths, and arts in fall,
in evening labs, they're shaking walls,
contending for new careers.
Three cheers for ol' St. Paul's!

The gunshot rings. A dash in Morse,
then across the green by semaphore.
Steady nerves, steady scores...
In first place, our Paulina girls!

Each strand of knowledge, if but a scratch,
adds to the polish of St. Paul's class.
A looking glass shining back,
is a beaming Paulina girl!

With half the praise for twice the work,
she stakes her claim where men came first,
and knows what pure intuition
in a woman's word is worth...

So as science exposes unpeeling clues,
She'll take some notes, but stay unmoved,
barring straight concrete proof...
The world awaits our Paulina girls!

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